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Mon Sep 12

It’s solid, it’s liquid, it’s the non-Newtonian Oobleck!


What can you expect from NYSCI Explainers at this weekend’s World Maker Faire? A whole lot of Oobleck fun:

Last year they had a little pool full of this stuff which you could run across - if you can run fast enough!

Oobleck, as a non-newtonian substance, is liquid when handled slowly but solid when handled hard or quickly. So if you stand on it, you quickly sink, but if you run quick, the top of your feet won’t even get wet. Must to try! (Though having the Oobleck “dance” by placing it over a strong speaker system is also rather rad!)

p.s. If you missed the news, I’m going to be working with the NY Hall of Science (NYSCI) as a media-contributor (i.e. blogging) for the MakerFaire - this Sept 17th and 18th. And it’s not too late to buy tickets! So look out for some awesome NYSCI/MF coverage this coming weekend =)