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My name is Ari Einbinder. This is the journal of my travels into the realm of science and science education.
I've worked at science museums in NY (NYSCI and AMNH) and across Europe. Currently I'm studying "museology" (aka museum studies) at UW in Seattle, WA. I'm also one of Tumblr's Science Section editors.

I discuss anything that fascinates me, but popular topics include evolution, transhumanism (e.g BCI), futurism, psychology, quantum computing, climate change, sustainability, genetic engineering and occasionally politics - to name a few.



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Wed Sep 21

Radar Love

So, from what I hear I was on the Tumblr Radar! w00t! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it (and am not even sure which post of mine was up!) because I spent all day Monday packing and preparing for my move to Seattle! Well, I’m here. I won’t lie, I’m excited about Seattle and studying Museology (aka Museum Studies) with an emphasis on informal science education at UW - but I miss NY and my friends there. Too much traveling can make the heart weak. =( 
But I’ll be ok, and I got some more great reports and photos from the Maker Faire at the NY Hall of Science (NYSCI) lined up, though it may take a few days till I get my internet set up. (Right now I’m “borrowing” from a neighbor; it’s ok though, I’ll give the internet back when I’m done =)

Oh, and so rad that two of the photos made it to the Tumblr Science feed! Really honored!

Stay awesome Tumblrs!