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Wed Dec 21

I’m not a real trendy person and I’m certainly not one to promote random products, but I LOVE this commercial for the Microsoft XBox Kinect.

Firstly and interestingly, it pays homage to the growing field of “hacks”. As one example, some of you may recall that I predicted its use for paleo and archeology digs - and heard about the first such hack just a short while later! And more such awesome hacks are popping up all the time. And that, I’ll add, is with the current version. There’s a new one that’s coming out soon that’s supposed to be waaaay more powerful. (e.g. it’s supposedly accurate enough to read lips [!!!], in addition to boosting its audio and other properties! here)

This is really an awesome example of how a technology originally intended for a limited domain can actually change the world. Of course, the kinect isn’t there yet… but it’s on the way.

Also, love how they adapted this melody for the commercial (esp. considering of what I normally think of when I hear it). TRIPLE Bonus points for any RCS followers that can name it (bc it’s awesome on so many levels)! Any takers?