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I've worked at science museums in NY (NYSCI and AMNH) and across Europe. Currently I'm studying "museology" (aka museum studies) at UW in Seattle, WA. I'm also one of Tumblr's Science Section editors.

I discuss anything that fascinates me, but popular topics include evolution, transhumanism (e.g BCI), futurism, psychology, quantum computing, climate change, sustainability, genetic engineering and occasionally politics - to name a few.



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Fri Apr 27


A clear view of the space shuttle Enterprise caught flying by Worlds Fair Marina this morning by our staff. Photos: Christine Chan.

Wow, some great photos from The New York Hall of Science.

And I’m sure they must be thinking that the Enterprise would really help round out their collection. It’d go nicely next to the Mercury-Atlas and Gemini-Titan rockets ;D