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My name is Ari Einbinder. This is the journal of my travels into the realm of science and science education.
I've worked at science museums in NY (NYSCI and AMNH) and across Europe. Currently I'm studying "museology" (aka museum studies) at UW in Seattle, WA. I'm also one of Tumblr's Science Section editors.

I discuss anything that fascinates me, but popular topics include evolution, transhumanism (e.g BCI), futurism, psychology, quantum computing, climate change, sustainability, genetic engineering and occasionally politics - to name a few.



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Wed Sep 12


Senator Kerry takes issue of climate change to the floor. He strongly calls out his colleagues to provide evidence for their anti-science position. Specifically, he cites over 6,000 peer-reviewed articles that show climate change is human caused and exactly 0 that dispute this claim. I’m a fan of Kerry, but he’s a yawner to many so, you might need some coffee or strong tea.

Speeches like this make me sad that he lost to George W. Bush. I mean, hell, the W?! {Though some may argue that he didn’t really lose. x} And, let’s not forget, W won in 2000 over Al Gore. -sigh- {If the republicans win this upcoming election, I’m going to have to start building my underground bunker.}

Also, the weather this summer has been insane. I find myself occasionally musing, “what will it take for the climate change deniers to change their minds? How many tzunamis, freak tropical storms, completely odd tornadoes will it take?

P.s. My apologies to my Republican friends and fans, but the party’s stance on issues like science and lgbt- and women’s rights makes it impossible for me to even respect the party.

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