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My name is Ari Einbinder. This is the journal of my travels into the realm of science and science education.
I've worked at science museums in NY (NYSCI and AMNH) and across Europe. Currently I'm studying "museology" (aka museum studies) at UW in Seattle, WA. I'm also one of Tumblr's Science Section editors.

I discuss anything that fascinates me, but popular topics include evolution, transhumanism (e.g BCI), futurism, psychology, quantum computing, climate change, sustainability, genetic engineering and occasionally politics - to name a few.



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Wed Sep 19

As someone who has dealt with serious depression, one of the most useful insights I’ve had is realizing/accepting that much of depression is just biochemical. It often has nothing to do with what’s going on in our lives - though we often confabulate that it is. It’s just our biochemistry.

But hey, I have no problem messing around with that. If you’re ok with drinking redbull to stay charged for a night of partying, then there’s no need to feel strange about taking some {prescribed!} anti-depressants. Both give you wings. =]

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