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My name is Ari Einbinder. This is the journal of my travels into the realm of science and science education.
I've worked at science museums in NY (NYSCI and AMNH) and across Europe. Currently I'm studying "museology" (aka museum studies) at UW in Seattle, WA. I'm also one of Tumblr's Science Section editors.

I discuss anything that fascinates me, but popular topics include evolution, transhumanism (e.g BCI), futurism, psychology, quantum computing, climate change, sustainability, genetic engineering and occasionally politics - to name a few.



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Mon Sep 24

"As Arctic sea ice levels hit a new record low this month, scientists and activists gathered to discuss how to bridge the gap between scientific facts and the public’s limited understanding that we are, in their words, "really running out of time." The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) released preliminary findings Wednesday suggesting that on Sept. 16, Arctic ice covered just 1.32 million square miles — the lowest extent ever recorded. This minimum is 49 percent [!] below the 1979 average, when satellite records began…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

ugh…. Honestly, I’m quite afraid of this. Worse yet, I feel nearly helpless as to what I can do to help. Sure, I recycle, turn off unused lights, try not to crank the AC or the heating… but it’s obviously not enough.

We need to focus on major changes or we’re all gonna be treading water. Let’s get off of oil, even if it means nuclear {which is by no means my ideal}; lets make major changes for reducing emissions; I mean.. let’s do something! The whole freaking planet is in danger. And, sadly, America has played a major role in that. -sigh-